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Mirrow Provocator

Mirrow Provocator – is a revolutionary car, which will be the same length as the Smart Fortwo, but for 4 persons and their luggage.

At the same time, that the car body for more than 50{a13eb6fa2881ed23ed3c8e374335f28fc2b3efc3994a0a3ca3427c9c06a60df3} would be producedof the recycled polymers, and by the inner space, dynamic and safety characteristics Mirrow Provocator could be classified as a business car.

Mirrow Provocator dimensions

Mirrow Provocator – is not a long car, but not a small one. It’s height andwidth could be comparable with a large SUV. Inside the Mirrow Provocator feels like In the minivan, but the driver’s position behind the wheel and the front passenger’s position are close to the Mercedes E-class.

The combination of high standards of comfort and safety with the short length of the car would be achieved by using the principals of the aircraft space planning with seats located on both sides of the aisle with increased high of ceiling in the center, and access through the oneordinary size door.

Mirrow Provocator

Comfortable access for the driver and passengers would be provided by the door (170×60 cm) located at the rear side of the vehicle. Special external device will protect this door from blocking by another car in case of the parking along the sidewalk. Although the best scheme of parking is the perpendicular to the sidewalk with the direct access to the pedestrian area.
Side doors are only intended for the emergency evacuation from the car.They are not very big and quite high off the ground that would provide maximum rigidity of the car body, but a powerful force element inside these doors, are able to perform the role a shield of security, even in the case of a very serious accident.
In the basic version of the car will be equipped with seat belts with three or four attachment points, and as an option will be available to any of the modern active systems (airbags, ABS, ESP, etc.)

Mirrow Provocator

The abandonment of traditional way of accessing to the car allows us to create car body with the highest level of safety, which is the same as powerful safety cage of the rally cars, and, in addition, also has a powerful systems of the double floor from strong frames.

The original concept of the car body not only have the maximum safety, but also opens the way to a significant reduction in the proportion of powerful elements of metal, which allows to replace some of them on lightweight and inexpensive powerful elements of polymers. This is also without loss of stiffness and strength of the car body more effectively absorb and distribute the impact energy during emergency situations.
Position of technical aggregates, also has a positive effect on passive safety. Thus the engine, which aggregated with the transmission and provides front-wheel drive, is located in the front, but in the safe for the driver and passenger area – in the plane of the width of the passage in the middle of the car.

Mirrow Provocator, engine location

Other large aggregates, and for example, the fuel tank for the versions with the classic engine and batteries for hybrid or electric versions are located on each side of the aisle, under the floor, which is also the most safely and also provides excellent stability on the road for the car.
Mirrow Provocator in versions with a classic engine can be expected with turbocharged three-cylinder petrol or diesel engine up to 1.5 liters, which can provide acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 8.7 seconds.

The maximum speed will be forcibly limited at 140 km / h.

Hybrid and electric version of the car thanks to the large technical spaces below the level of the seats installation will have significant size of the battery, which can provide a mileage of up to 350-400 kilometers.


Mirrow Provocator interior

Basic version of the Mirrow Provocator interior is designed in classical style, but some versions can have a futuristic concept.

Comfort of the seats for driver and all passengers will comply of the business class car, but comfortable access to the vehicle due to the size of the main door and interior spaciousness will be, even at a higher level.
Removable polymer elements, which fixed in the free plane of the car body carcass – is expensive, but effective solution that helps protect the cabin from the vagaries of the weather and get the required version of the Mirrow Provocator for any climate zone.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control (ASR), electronic stability control (ESP), Electronic brakeforce distribution and electronic differential lock, up to 12 airbags, parking system and rear-view camera, hill brake control and hill-start assist system, the protection system from accidentally opening the evacuation doors.
Comfort, functional equipment,
interior and exterior
Electric motor for (mirrors, seats, sliding side windows, sunroof), heating for (mirrors, seats, steering wheel), adjustable steering wheel in two planes, power assisted steering, air conditioning or climate system, multimedia system and surround sound speaker system, comfort phone system, entertainment system for rear passengers, leather trim and wooden elements, tinted windows, xenon headlights, aluminum wheels, cargo securing system in the aisle, a locking box for items with ventilation and lighting in the center console, rain and light sensors, headlight washer, cruise control, navigation system, automatic transmission, electronic lock and electric motor for the rear door, immobilizer and alarm system, system ISOFIX for child seat.


Basic version Mirrow Provocator

For regions with warm climates will be offered a basic version of the Mirrow Provocator, with open-frame car body, without side glass and with lightweight type of the main door.
Even in the absence of a special baggage compartment Mirrow Provocator capable of carrying a considerable amount of luggage.

For these purposes, a wide pass at the middle of the vehicle, where can be placing a few large suitcases, skis and snowboards, or a couple of mountain bikes.

At the same time the opportunity to move through the cabin for the driver remains, because even very large suitcases with capacity exceeding 100 liters, rarely have a thickness greater than 33 cm.

Practicality Mirrow Provocator

Mirrow Provocator able to successfully perform the tasks, which are put before personal or family car most of the residents of large cities, but it takes almost twice less space on the road and parking lot than ordinary cars.

Efficiency Mirrow Provocator

Constructive features of the car body, its ease of fabrication and greater use of low-cost polymers, allow to predict the retail price of the Mirrow Provocator in the basic version at the level of 3500 – 4500 Euros.
And some preferences and privileges, that are provided by governments in many countries for vehicles with an efficient use of road space, is also likely to be a nice bonus for the future owners of the Mirrow Provocator.
The exact timing of the appearance of the Mirrow Provocator on the market, final configurations and price, will be determined in 2016, but today, you can subscribe to notifications about the opening of early booking or send your opinion to us or to your friends.